Your Connected Pipette Kit Has Arrived

TRACKMAN® Connected is a tablet with accessories and apps that makes pipetting on microplates faster, more traceable, and more reproducible. Designed to communicate with Gilson’s PIPETMAN® M Connected via Bluetooth®, the tablet interacts in real-time with the pipette and guides you through your protocol. When finished, results can be saved and shared with sciNote, an open-source electronic lab notebook (ELN).

  • Reports on your pipetting performance
  • Improves traceability and reproducibility
  • Assists you with execution of protocols
  • Allows you to share data and protocols with sciNote ELN
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Gilson Connect Ideology—Designing Smarter Tools for More Productive Research

At Gilson, we understand that to make progress you need to focus on doing actual science. That’s why we’re passionate about designing smarter tools to make your life in the lab easier and more productive. The Gilson Connect platform is designed to track activity at the bench making it more convenient for you to reproduce, report, and share your findings. Through working with the scientific community, we will continue to develop smarter, next-generation devices so you can spend less time on data management and more time focusing on your research.

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