GX-274 Liquid Handler, GSIOC, with Z Drive

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The VERITY® GX-274 Liquid Handler increases the throughput and efficiency of liquid transfers, serial dilutions, and other common tasks by processing up to four samples in parallel.

Increased Automated Throughput

Experience full automation of your HPLC workflows and get results more quickly. When the four-probe Z-arm is paired with two VERITY® 4220 Dual Syringe Pumps, each of the liquid handler’s four channels can accommodate unique syringe volumes, increasing your flexibility in many common liquid transfer tasks.

Increased Versatility

The VERITY GX-274 Liquid Handler features on-bed reservoirs that allow access to up four solvents without using a position on the bed. Transfer ports also allow access to two additional large volume solvent reservoirs without taking any bed rack positions, a capacity that can be extended with a VALVEMATE® II Valve Actuator. The rinse station design minimizes cross-contamination and provides two sets of transfer ports. The liquid handler design supports the use of Code 200 or Code 34X Series Racks.


Communication GSIOC
Connections Two inputs, TTL contact closure, Two relay outputs, Two switched +24V DC 1A outputs, One safety input
Dimensions 59.7 x 54.1 x 57.1 cm (23.5 x 21.3 x 22.5 in.)
Number of Channels 4
Vertical Punch Strength 4.5 kg ( 10.0 lbs.)
Voltage 100-240V (Universal Input)
Weight 22 kg (48 lbs.)
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each
Environment Indoor use, Altitude up to 2000 m, temperature 5C to 40 C, Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31 C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40 C

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