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  1. Capillary Pistons

    SKU: GFAM00014

    Designed to fit the Gilson MICROMAN™ positive displacement pipette, Capillary Piston Tips are ideal for difficult-to-pipette samples including; viscous, volatile, dense, hot or cold, or hazardous liquids. The tips work like a syringe providing protection against pipette, sample, and user contamina...
  2. Coloris Clips

    SKU: GFAM00015

    The color-coded, markable Coloris™ Identification Clips provide an easy way to clearly mark and identify PIPETMAN® pipettes, minimizing mix-ups. The Coloris clips easily snap into place without damaging or marring the pipette.Prevent Errors Due to Mix-upsThe GLP friendly Coloris Identification Cl...

    SKU: GFAM00023

    DISTRITIPS® are polypropylene syringes with easy-to-read level indicators that are used with DISTRIMAN®, a positive-displacement, continuously adjustable, mechanical repeater pipette.Accurate and PreciseUsing DISTRITIPS with DISTRIMAN delivers reliable performance and provides more accurate and pr...
  4. Filter for MACROMAN

    SKU: GFAM00027

    This filter is an accessory for the MACROMAN® pipette controller. The filter type used is a hydrophobic membrane filter (Female Luer-Lock inlet, Male Luer-Slip outlet)....
  5. MINIPULS Connection Kits

    SKU: GFAM00052

    Connector kit accessories for the MINIPULS® 3 and Evolution peristaltic pumps come in a variety of types: metal sleeve connectors for small bore tubing, connector kits for flanged tubing, or plastic connectors for large bore tubing. These kits contain five connectors each. The connectors are availa...
  6. PIPETMAN Classic 4-Pipette Kit

    SKU: F167380

    Le kit PIPETMAN® Classique 4 Pipette comprend quatre pipettes qui couvrent des transferts de volume de 0,2 µL à 1 000 µL, et qui répondront aux besoins de la plupart des laboratoires. Les pipettes PIPETMAN Classic, la norme mondia...


    777,00 €

    SKU: GFAM00060

    PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips are designed to fit your PIPETMAN perfectly. They deliver accurate and precise pipetting when used in conjunction with Gilson pipettes.Smart Way To Refill PIPETMAN Diamond filter tips contain a high-density polyethylene filter to protect against aerosol-born contamination and...

    SKU: GFAM00062

    Universal fit PIPETMAN® EXPERT Tips are designed to fit leading pipette brands, allowing you to stock one brand of tips saving time, money, and bench space. The tips are produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques assuring lot-to-lot consistency and high performance. Volume graduations...
  9. PIPETMAN Seals and O-Rings

    SKU: GFAM00069

    These seals and O-rings are replacement parts for: PIPETMAN® Classic, PIPETMAN Neo, PIPETMAN G (models P5000G and P10mLG), PIPETMAN L (models P5000L and P10mL) and PIPETMAN L Fixed (model F5000L). Five sets are included....
  10. PIPETMAN Starter Kits

    SKU: GFAM00071

    Everything to get you started in one kitChoose our cost-effective, bundled PIPETMAN® kits to have everything you need to start your experiments. A variety of kits are available for PIPETMAN Classic, Neo, G, and L models.Depending on the kit, each contains:•Two or three PIPETMAN pipettes•Certifi...
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